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Day 1 of Week 1: Maintenance of Me

Day 1 of Week 1: Maintenance of Me

We Value Training - Martha the dog

The number of messages of support I’ve had this weekend, and the “what are you going to be doing on your first day of self-employment?” messages has been immense, so I have decided to record my first day.

There are so very many reasons why I know I’ve made the right decision to become self-employed, and one of those is to allow myself more time with my family and that includes Martha, our Miniature Schnauzer. Running his own local business, my husband takes Martha to the workshop with him daily. If she’s not inside welcoming customers, one of her most favourite pastimes is watching the world go by from the front seat of his van parked outside work. Leading up to today, the times I have spent walking her has dramatically lessened, shamefully. The pleasure of pounding around the village and having her home with me today gave us bonding time and enabled me to refocus and enjoy the beauty of where we live – even in the rain. I felt so liberated and refreshed!

Having completed some admin – and there’s lots of that – I then went to see my accountant to finalise arrangements there. Having only been on the end of a few Skype calls, I was thrilled to finally meet Lenah Oduor of gHawk Accounting in person and to have her support.

After a quick food shop – aren’t supermarkets so blissfully quiet in the daytime? – I returned and met with my daughter who joined me for some homemade soup I made last night. Still tired from her midwifery shift yesterday, us spending any time at all, let alone ‘quality time’, is a rare occurrence. A truly fabulous afternoon of sharing, laughing and attempts at KonMari (thanks to Marie Kondo) ensued. And then followed another big walk of a small dog. This time in the dry, with the addition of incredible and huge skies at dusk.

Finally, I enjoyed a supper with my family. Cooked and served before I would even normally have been ‘home from work’.

I have loved every part of today. And I know each day coming will be different, and that I can set my intentions and achieve all I want to and more.

This first fortnight will see lots of ‘maintenance tasks’ as I then begin to work through the business plan I have developed. But as well as seeing the dentist, physio, hairdresser and window cleaner, this time will also include a different type of ‘maintenance of me’. The simple things in life that allow us to feel refuelled. Stopping, breathing, reflecting and spending time with those I love, while growing We Value Training and I Value Me.

I truly believe I can have it all!

We Value Training - Martha the dog

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