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Training Courses

All of the training courses offered are available as in-house courses. Please contact We Value Training if you wish to attend a public course.

Core and Soft Skills

Deliver compelling presentations calmly and confidently.

Increase customer satisfaction by improve your team’s skills.

Struggle to fit everything in? Learn about proven time-management techniques.

Learn how to make decisions and become more decisive.

How to communicate effectively with all levels of individual.

For Managers and Supervisors

Build a strong leadership team who understand how to get the best out of their people.

Get the skills to be the best supervisor you can.


Getting the best of your individuals through developing them to reach their highest potential – and managing poor performance.

Understand the requirements of recruitment and gain skills as an interviewer.

Learn about the ins and outs of dealing with difficult staff.

Ensure your recruitment meets the criteria.

Learn powerful persuasion skills.

The importance of planning and setting achievable goals.

Learn how to run an impactful training session.

Good managers are good coaches. Learn how to empower your staff.

A strong team = a strong business.

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